Why Use a Residential Treatment Center?

A question that you may be asking, and should be asking, is why you should use a residential treatment center instead of one of the other treatment options available.  This article will address these concerns.

Why Should I Not Use Residential Treatment?

If you are an adult, you likely have a lot of things going on.  Going into residential treatment for a month, three months, or longer may serve as a giant disruption to your life.  It really depends on the extent of your illness and whether or not it has the chance to progress to a level to really ruin your life in an irreparable fashion.

People Depend on Your Presence

You may have children who aren’t aware of this situation and would need you during this three month excursion.  Your job may not permit you to take a leave of absence that long.  Perhaps your elderly parents require your constant assistance or your spouse would not support the decision.  There are many reason to not choose this form of therapy even though it is highly successful.  I suspect that some of these issues just listed may be contributing to your problems in the form of stress and demands.  It is important to care for others, but until you are able to fully care for yourself, you may not be doing as good of a job with others as you could be.  That’s another angle to look at it from.

Residential Treatment is Expensive

treatment is expensiveResidential treatment can be very expensive.  Some places charge $100 a day.  Many charge $300 a day.  Some can get upwards to $500 and beyond.  This is why it is important to have an insurance policy that will support you in this decision.  While it is true that there are those who can afford to pay out of their own pocket, it is quite an unreasonable idea to the majority of us in need.  If your insurance will cover it, please consider giving residential a shot.

Why You Should Use Residential Treatment

The success rates are phenomenal.  Many discharge from their chosen facility never to return to the behaviors or illnesses that caused them to need treatment.  Even those who experience a relapse later in life have gathered the skills needed to help combat the problem before it fully grabs and again disrupts life.  Learning to avoid troublesome social circles, say no to unnecessary demands and burdens, and avoid, notice, and deal with the triggers that lead to problematic feelings, emotions, and behaviors.

The skills that you gain through your stay at a residential treatment facility are priceless.  They ensure that you are able to continue to treat yourself throughout the length of your life.  You become armed with the tools and weapons needed to fight the inner fight, which is where these problems occur.  The battlefield is the mind, which is the source of thoughts, emotions, behaviors, addictions, desires, aversions, etc.  Conquering the mind is to be in total control of your life.  We start by identifying triggers, being able to notice when they arise, what they mean, and how to maintain composure.  This is why residential treatment is amazing.  You gain several lifetimes worth of experience in the matter of months!

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