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Please take the time to read any of the following blog posts that you find relevant or interesting:

What to Expect From Your Visit

I’m the guy who worked at a wilderness treatment facility for over five years! I worked and lived there more than I did my own home. I slept in a cabin for more nights of the week than I did my very own bed at home and I don’t regret a single minute of it...

A Day in the Life of a Patient

Is it morning already? I’m jarred awake by the cell phone alarm of one of my two counselors, who quickly silences it and begins speaking loudly so that we will all wake. “3 minutes to make your bed and join us in the den!”...

Your Concerns Addressed

In this post I want to try to answer some of the common questions that pop up in regard to someone anticipating a visit to a residential treatment facility. Please take the time to read these questions and answers as they will provide additional insight into what it’s like to have a stay at one of these facilities...

Why Use Residential Treatment?

A question that you may be asking, and should be asking, is why you should use a residential treatment center instead of one of the other treatment options available. This article will address these concerns. If you are an adult, you likely have a lot of things going on. Going into residential treatment for a month, three months, or longer may serve as a giant disruption to your life.

People You'll Meet in Treatment

There are many characters that you’ll encounter when you start your adventure at a residential treatment center. For every avenue of life within the facility, there are fellow members of the milieu, members of the faculty, and hired professionals. You as a temporary visitor to this center will have a certain experience of all of these people. Let’s introduce you to the cast of characters.

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