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Thank you for visiting ResidentialTreatmentCenters.me. This website serves as an information hub for those who need or are considering enlisting the aid of one of the many residential treatment facilities out there. For any psychological or psychiatric illness, including substance abuse, addiction, behavioral issues, or mental illness, there is a center that exists solely to help.

We have our personal reasons for being involved that are likely quite obvious! Whether we ourselves were guided along a better path or one of our friends or family members, we have a lot to owe to this industry of helpful people. We know in full faith that the same help is offered and can be provided to you, given you simply accept it. It does take some sacrifice and time, we understand. But things that are worth having are worth paying and waiting for!

The way we've felt we could best contribute is to leverage our skills with building websites. We decided to compile the largest database of residential treatment centers available online with all of the contact information and more to help you reach out and make the best decision.

We also are creating the world's first Residential Treatment Centers Infographic! Please stay on the look out for that. When we release it, we will work as hard as we can sharing it around the web to help raise the awareness. Thanks again for visiting!

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