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Residential Treatment Centers

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There are many reasons to seek the service of a residential treatment center for yourself or a loved one, some of which include:

  • Substance Abuse & Addiction
  • Behavioral Defiance & Opposition
  • Psychological Disorders
  • And More...

Every center is designed to accommodate each patient with his or her own individual or group living quarters depending on the reason for residing there. Some of these treatment facilities admit residents within particular age groups, genders, or illness. Others are more encompassing but may segregate genders and group people by age. Centers intended for children and teenagers will even provide education with fully licensed school teachers!

What is a Residential Treatment Facility?

If you're here then you likely already know, but for those who are new let's explain. A residential treatment facility is a safe place for you to temporarily live in order to deal with any of the issues listed above. What makes it so effective is that not only are you removed from your current triggers in your environment and social circle, but you will be surrounded by a fantastic support group of therapists, counselors, and friends who all want the same thing: your success.

There are centers of differing varieties. Some are wilderness locations which isolate and remove many of the modern day distractions so you can focus on your wellness, and there are others who take an opposite approach which provide all of the amenities you could want so that you can focus. Some are for adults who are allowed to leave if they wish to break their oath to stay till completion, and there are some for adults or teenagers that are court-ordered for treatment. They are also structured for varying levels of acuity or intensity of symptoms. Some are simply for substance abuse while others accommodate more difficult illnesses such as psychosis. Bottom line is that you can find what you need and go no further up the scale than you wish.

Our Mission for the Treatment Industry

All of us involved in this website have had some personal contact with this industry and have a sense of gratitude and appreciate for all of those who've chosen to build careers in a helping field. Some of us have worked at treatment facilities and some have been residents or had loved ones attend. This industry has provided very real world positive changes in our lives.

In order to give back, we are building this website in a non-official, but hopefully very helpful, fashion! If you are an early viewer, you'll witness the growth. Our first order of business is to develop the biggest database of the available residential treatment centers in the United States. We may expand after that to other countries as well. The second in our order of operations is to continue fleshing out the blog with even more quality information so any new people approaching the idea of using a residential facility can gain tons of insight first. We want everyone to feel comfortable and know what to expect, versus having a ton of surprises. Third, and we really want to take our time with this, we will create the world's first infographic concerning residential treatment! Lastly, we are gathering a list of resources to help you find even more information you may need or desire.

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